Wednesday, March 10, 2010

there's still yet room in the galaxy for LZ

Hey SF + Oakland, we really like you! Thanks for feeding us, making friendlies, and keeping us chill (literally, yeesh). Josh treated us right and made sure we got some burritos and filled a tray up at the awesomest bakery in town. The Speakeasy + Jenny was as sweet as aguas frescas, we really couldn't have asked for a better first tour show! Santa Cruz is gonna call us in the morn to let us know if we're still cool, maybe talk to you through radio waves. Otherwise we'll see ya'lls in LA!


hermit bushes

stretching space

SF + josh: nuddin to sneeze at

saddle seating

flora + faunandrew

traffic pause

hair flair

hermit blushes

follow the yellow strip hypno'

sleeper hold

I-5 eyes



we chews the greenest

rain or


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