Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally we approach the heart of Texas...about bloody time! We cruised into Dallas at dawn, even had time to take advantage of our federal subsidies at the local Whole Foods. Evan Horn did us more than right; he took us full damn around. We plowed through our set like a carousel gone apeshit. We sold copies of our records for the first time! Totally beat, we took to an empty room and crashed next to a comfortable pile of wires and rocks. The morning was gorgeous and easy. Hot tamales and coffee! We're in Austin now. It looks crazy out there. We're taking it easy tonight, but we'll be out tomorrow.

Topo Chico, the official sparkling water of LZ Ministries 2010. We are also seeking endorsements by Apple iPod, VitaMix, and IKEA (in-store appearances). We're a band of the people, and corporations are people, too!

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  1. lubbin the blog. good luck to you in austin.