Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it feels like years since SF...but it's been 5 days. At 1500+ miles, we can barely remember where we've been. I'll let the photographic evidence lead the way. Also, we made a blood pact with the Hermit Thrushes to blog about them. They in turn will blog about us, and we will both blog about our blogs. LZ Ministries whole-armedly embraces this new and bright feedback loop.

Harmony's backyard, Treasure Isle, SF.

Parton for breakfast.

it's not smut, we just look that way.

one of the last times we got to use our legs before they fell off 1000+ miles later.

KZSC, Santa Cruz, CA. Our show fell through so we ended up doing an "acoustic" (completely plugged in) set on the radio. Half the time we couldn't hear ourselves and Markly got half nekkid.

Andrew responds to the intuitive genre color-coding system.

Hermit Thrushes + LZ + house to ourselves = extensive role-playing. Yanni is a part-time life coach, and recommends Andrew to explore his comic book fantasies.

We meta-photo for our meta-blog.

Charlie greets the blogosphere the only way he knows

Paula's got her eyes on deals

mmmmmmmmhwwwwaaandrew of the Hermit Thrushes



MS Paint is the technological cutting edge at Casa de Fruta (right next to the Casa de Restaurant and Casa de Restroom)

Markly demonstrates exquisite car sleeping technique.

Right about here is where we played Universal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood with the Kris Special. Despite having decent onion rings, we cannot more strongly dissuade anyone from playing here, because their ingratiating doorman splits the door 100/0...that is, you don't get shit.

WELCOME TO --XICO. Tijuana is a rich stew of sensory overload, plentiful with cheap delicious eats and cumbia tapes. At the show we were well-received and played to a packed house. Actual reviews include, "PSYCHEDELICOS...FUCK", "you sound like the inside of my brain", and "oh my god, that was amazing, I'm on E!" LZ loves TJ!


our new pals "Donde Esta La Playa?"at EL CHEZ

the inimitable intense SAN PEDRO EL CORTEZ

enter...the Mojave Desert. We played in Lancaster, at the Quartz Hill Mobile Home Park, at the community center. Peanut Butter Solution made his second worldwide appearance, flooring us with his delicious autotuned croon.

"Grandma's Lil' Shits"

LZ Ministries' Hospitality & Public Relations Dept. caters the show after-party.

Mike Ruiz, funniest tipper in SE CA.

oh hey, did you know the Hermit Thrushes played in Tuscon? Yeah, we heard it was awesome. This other band, the Lazer Zeppelins, they showed up in the nick of time after driving 10 hours from Lancaster...they were OK...anyway, you should check out the Hermit Thrushes, they have a MySpace, and it's really great!

AZ at 5 in the morn

West Texas

Bash Riprocks, Lubbock, TX. It's penny beer night, and everyone leaves after the limited time offer ends, but we played great.

Home Cafe, Lubbock. Most delicious eats on tour yet.

Cheers to Abilene, TX.

gold-colored glasses prototype developed by a contracted engineer for SPRAY PAINT IT GOLD . COM

may induce hoity toity grimaces

long drives are the perfect time to practice drawing Missy E