Sunday, March 21, 2010

Austin! What is there even left to say, since so many fucking people are talkin' and playin' at once at any given moment...we started off with a bang, or, rather, a pop, that is, the pop of dead transistors. Two songs into our set, our sole amp went kaput. Bummer. We somehow managed, played our second show of the evening, and moved on. Now we're practicing Green Day and Michael Jackson grooves for our St. Louis show, backing rapper Froggy Serrington. We're going legit!

Andrew contemplates the nature of falling Coca-Cola bottles

shooting spree

we finally got see the Hermit Thrushes...but did Yanni see us?

right-foot comping technique

We are the Village Glee Ben Kapp Appreciation Society

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally we approach the heart of Texas...about bloody time! We cruised into Dallas at dawn, even had time to take advantage of our federal subsidies at the local Whole Foods. Evan Horn did us more than right; he took us full damn around. We plowed through our set like a carousel gone apeshit. We sold copies of our records for the first time! Totally beat, we took to an empty room and crashed next to a comfortable pile of wires and rocks. The morning was gorgeous and easy. Hot tamales and coffee! We're in Austin now. It looks crazy out there. We're taking it easy tonight, but we'll be out tomorrow.

Topo Chico, the official sparkling water of LZ Ministries 2010. We are also seeking endorsements by Apple iPod, VitaMix, and IKEA (in-store appearances). We're a band of the people, and corporations are people, too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LZ in Denton

no show last night, but believe you me, it was nice to chill. Beautiful weather in Denton, and some nice shops too.

"Bendy" Merkelson makes a rare in-store appearance...and prompt disappearance.

LZ Ministries yeoman Andrew Ebright practices a physical aptitude test.

See all ya'lls in Dallas!