Friday, March 5, 2010

LPs, Laserdiscs, and tour

We are leaving for the big USA tour in just a few days! We'll be playing 30 or 40 shows all over the place, except for the major east coast area... Keep a lookout!
Our LP "American Derivative" is pressing TODAY and shipping out after we leave, we might have them by the time we get to Tijuana in a week or we might have them shipped elsewhere. Each cover is uniquely painted then screen printed. Snowflakes, every one.

We also have about 20 lathe-cut Laser Disc 12" EPs released by PIAPTK Recordings. Yes, it's an actual Laser Disc with grooves cut into it so you can play it on your turntable. The release features the 10 minute song "Highway Hypnosis" on one side and hand-painted art on the other. They are expensive and totally special. each copy is handmade and has a different endlesss loop at the end of the song so you never have it take it off your turntable!

Olympia filmmaker Aris Chagoya recently shot a music video for American Derivative's lead-off track, "Moses." The video will be done soon and is watchable with red-and-blue 3D glasses, so if you see a pair hang on to it and it might do you some good.

Lazer Zeppelin is very excited to embark on this trip! We'll be travelling via station wagon to a town near you! See y'all then!

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  1. how can i buy your records?!?!? i will pay top dollar for one of everything you have