Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lazer Zeppelin Research Corp.: "drum" "culture"

LAZER ZEPPELIN MINISTRIES is interested in diversifying, intensifying, and salsifying our major and mejor demo-graphics. LAZER ZEPPELIN RESEARCH CORP. represents the face and hair of these efforts. We seek out new talent and destroy the old ones, poll public polls, and draw graphs and pick numbers that could mean something to someone you know.

One such subject of focus is drumming: HOW plays drums? WHO do they play? WHEN can we learn more? How MANY is there, exactly?

Well stated, grandpa.

The youth, more than anyone, play the new beat of the future. Kyler demonstrates one example of this NEWFUTUREBEAT:

Where is the beat heading,and parked in who's lot? These are relevant questions that sound relevant. You can trust that LAZER ZEPPELIN RESEARCH CORP. will be there someday, thinking hard for you, TOO.

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