Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Night Diner at the Fabric Shire

On our recent west coast tour we picked up a new song our buddy Cameron wrote for his country singing group The Amazing and Incredible Randy. When we got to his town, he came to watch us play and heard that we did one of their tunes, and requested we play it. We gave him a microphone and he joined in. The video doesn't do justice to the Fabric Shire, the unique space where we performed in Eureka, CA. We are all suspended up in the ceiling of the room upon a great net of interwoven fabrics. Andrew, seated in a little chair bolted to the wall, is playing the drums in midair. the piano is hanging from the ceiling and there are a few audience members directly underneath us. if you ever go to eureka ask around about this place. Thanks to Ruth Miller for the video! We luvz ya!

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