Monday, November 9, 2009

We are trying to set up a little tour at the end of the year. Beforehand I (markly) will be touring in California as Keybored Country, sometimes accompanied by Sara b, and possibly peanut butter solution. Some info: subject to updates

keybored country dates:
dec 5- arcata, ca (w/ the no good redwood ramblers)
dec 7- Sacramento (tba- help!)
dec 8-10 Palmdale best buy (Los Mexicanos nuevos)
dec 11- Santa Cruz (w/peanut butter solution)
dec 19- canyon country (w/ walk and the Kris special)

lazer Zeppelin dates:

dec 27- San Fran (tba-help!)
dec 28- eureka,ca at the fabric shire!
Dec 29- Eugene, or (workin on it)
dec 31- Olympia or Seattle

See you around soon !


  1. YEEHAW lets play at Larry's basement if permitted.

  2. if you still wanna show in tj my friends say it's pretty possible. just lemme know what kinda place you wanna play


  3. we want the show what options do you got? lets just Set it UP!